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Great Collection of Water Purifiers from Top Brands under your Budget!

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  • Bajaj Aeques PFS Filter On-Line Water Purifier
    • Bajaj Aeques PFS filter
    Warranty 5 Year
    3 Ltr:900 watts
    5 ltr:online filters
    No. of stages of operation:3
    3 Ltr:900 watts
    5 ltr:online filters
    No. of stages of operation:3
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    Rs 4,499.00
  • Prestige Water Purifier 18 Litre PSWR 2.0 (PSWP 2.0)
    Your Prestige® Water Purifier comes with advance 2-stage purification system
    Removes particulates and suspended impurities
    Removes odors and improves the taste of water
    Removes bacteria, viruses and parasites to meet USEPA guidelines for safe drinking water

    Purified water collects in the purified water tank
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    Rs 1,935.00
  • Bajaj WPX 3 On-Line Water Purifier
    • UV Lamp life 6000 working hours
    • Long-lasting, foodgrade 304 SS UV Chamber
    • 4 Stage Purification
    • External pre-filter with SS mesh to remove large particles
    • Sediment and granular activated carbon life of 6000 liters.
    • ISI Mark
    • Protects from disease's like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis, Polio etc.
    • Specially designed for low water pressure like loft tank installation.
    • 5 micron multilayer sediment filter removes physical impurities like dirt, dust, mud, rust etc.
    • Silver impregnated activated carbon removes colour, odour, free chlorine, dissolved gases and organic impurities
    Removes Bacteria:Yes
    Removes Virus:No
    UV Chamber :304 SS
    UV Eye:Yes
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    Rs 5,400.00
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